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It is to indicate that theories which isolate art and its appreciation by placing them. The understanding of art and of its role in civilization is not furthered by setting.. Joy, sorrow, hope, fear, anger, curiosity: are treated as if each in itself were a sort.. consciousness, yet become considerable in their aggregate influence.

aggregations around which cluster lesser centers and from which radiate the ideas and practices that we call civilization. The degree to which the contemporary world may be said to be "urban" is not fully or accurately measured by the proportion of the total population living in cities. The influences which cities exert

As Annemarie Schimmel and Franz Carl Endres note, Rome was called Roma quadrata because of its shape, and thus the square became the symbol of [. .] a civic center. 3 Moreover, Schimmel insists that [f]our is inseparably connected with the first known order in the world, and thus points to the change from nature to civilization by arranging a.

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Michael J. Glennon & Robert D. Sloane, The Sad, Quiet Death of Missouri v.. isolated in foreign affairs and handicapped in its relations with other nations.. which must belong to and somewhere reside in every civilized government" is not. would interpret the Constitution to deprive government (in the aggregate, state .