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5 Careless Credit Mistakes Millennials Make. October 15, 2015; rnahoum ;. student loans, car loans or mortgage loans, one of the quickest ways to sink your credit score is by making late payments.. Avoid these problems by taking the debt collectors and their lawyers seriously when they.

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However, for far too many senior citizens risk losing this dream because they’re making the same financial mistakes as their predecessors. their decisions and are actively engaging in these.

Read on to learn how to avoid the same financial mistakes that they made.. Best financial calculator options for millennials. Money Management 101.. Master Life’s Financial Journey.

On today’s episode of The Wise Money Show, Mike and Kevin welcome special guest, realtor Diane Bennett, to explore how the current housing market, interest rates, and the long-term economic outlook might affect your home-buying decisions–including when to buy, when to sell, and if now is the time to buy your first home.

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Millennials have many financial worries, such as paying off their student loans or saving for future goals.. you’ll want to watch out for and avoid these common mistakes.. Marriage, children and a mortgage are basically the reasons why life insurance should be part of your financial. Avoid These 5 Money Mistakes.

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What’s worse: Millennials may have less wiggle room for financial mistakes. In many cases. More than 70% have at least one long-term debt – be it a student loan, home mortgage, car loan. And 34% of.

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Avoid these big money mistakes and keep more of your cash.. Homeownership isn’t just about the mortgage payment. In fact, there are many costs to owning a home that might not be apparent before you buy.. said Joseph Carbone, a certified financial planner with Focus Planning Group. "If.

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