Project Coral ‘babies’ to help restore Florida reefs

A Reef Restored. These include the common coral species of the genus Montipora (rice coral), Porites lobata (lobe coral), and pocillopora meandrina (cauliflower coral). As soon as the divers finished cleaning and cementing the corals to the ocean floor, reef fish started moving in, apparently pleased with the state of their new home.

The Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program is a Non-Profit organization that is mostly funded by Donations. We ask that you please give to our cause and help us restore the reefs in Cozumel. Any donation is appreciated and will go 100% to the reef restoration project. Thank You. DR. German Mendez

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Miami-Dade County this week announced a plan to help restore voting. The South Florida Symphony, in partnership with the Museum of Discovery and Science, will hold a concert Sunday, Aug. 4, focused.

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This project is a "head start" program for coral – the Aquarium will raise the juvenile corals long enough to give them a better chance of survival than they would have had as larvae in the ocean. This effort brings The Florida Aquarium Center for Conservation scientists a huge step closer to helping restore florida’s reefs.

But in recent years researchers have discovered that a baby coral polyp can. but can they help us keep vibrant coral ecosystems alive long-term?. is a worthy project, but no artificial reef is a replacement for living coral, Across the Caribbean and Florida Keys, two key coral species-staghorn and.

Coral Restoration Project: Ocean-based Coral World and the University of the Virgin Islands are working together to help restore Staghorn corals on coral reefs around St. Thomas thorough ocean-based coral nurseries.

Islamorada Resort Company will help raise funds. Resort Company on this project," said Ken Nedimyer, Founder & President of CRF. The coral reefs and the outdoor recreation they support are the.

Researchers working on the Census of Marine Life’s History of Marine animal populations project, for example. Currently, the Florida Keys are very invested in restoring coral reefs, re-seeding baby.

Coral restoration was most recently selected as one of two projects to be funded with Monroe County’s Restore Act funds. The project will result in outplanting of 18,000 staghorn colonies and 3,500 boulder corals to reefs in the Keys.