Summer Reading Recs: 5 Books (+1 Drink!) to Enjoy

BUT – she taught herself to read last summer, has taken off like a rocket with it since, has her nose permanently stuck in a book, and I don’t know what to give her now. She’s finished all the reading book sets I got from the Book People, and has read and reread every picture book and is now asking constantly for more books.

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Summer Reading finale: ice cream truck visit. Sat, Aug. 25, 1:30 PM T. We’re celebrating the end of Summer Reading with awesome treats and lots of fun with a visit from the Blue Bunny ice cream.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. October! October also brings with it the perfect opportunity to inject your reading list with some seriously chilling crime novels in preparation for Halloween. If you’re in the market for some "Spooktober" reading recommendations, you’ve come to the right place.

What should have been a perfect summer for one young boy is ruined when Jeremy Ross moves in and becomes number one on the narrator’s enemy list. Fortunately, his father has a sec

We’re planning an Alaska vacation for NEXT summer already, and booked 4 nights in Anchorage, 3 inside Denali at the North Face Lodge. Now just waiting for that 330 day window to book air tickets! I’ve.

The CBTB Summer Reading List has a little something for everyone. From addictive, twisty-turny psychological thrillers to a bloody serial killer thriller and some fantastic nordic noir choices, plus a short list of the books that I have lined up to read next! Read on to find your perfect summer crime book. Read More

Thanks and we hope you enjoy! created by MillaMia a community. Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Series- Are The Rest Worth It?. and I’m curious as to if I should finish the whole book series first, or if just the first 2.5 books will be good enough. Happy reading everyone 🙂 -BellaCrawfordSleeps.

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Since my girlfriend also has excellent taste, we often read these books together. When the hunger games series came out, we devoured those books whole. Not long after, we read the Divergent series.