The Dangers of Undiagnosed Dementia: A Doctor’s Story

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2017-10-07  · Here are 9 signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. This symptom is often seen in undiagnosed b12. disorders like depression and dementia.

The dementia patient may be easily distracted by sights and sounds around him and focus on them instead of where he’s going. Don’t trust your judgment about whether your loved one can safely drive, and for heaven’s sake, don’t trust the doctor’s — the doctor only sees your loved one for a few minutes once every few months.

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2016-03-24  · The author of ‘Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You. in danger. When you are intimidated by doctors, fear of a deadly disease going undiagnosed.

Only now have I found a wonderful doctor who listened to my story and my symptoms, and believes it may be post-concussive syndrome-more than likely because I did absolutely everything one should not do after receiving a concussion.

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The American Academy of Ophthalmology urges seniors and their caregivers to be aware of the dangers of ignoring the symptoms of cataracts, a leading cause of visual impairment that will affect more than half of all Americans by the time they are 80 years old.

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How medication side effects Can Masquerade as Dementia. In fact, any medicine that can cause cognitive impairment could lead to a misdiagnosis of dementia. Classes of drugs including anti-histamines, antibiotics, corticosteroids, anticonvulsants, antiemetics, muscle relaxants and opioid pain killers all carry this risk.

Hip fractures are unfortunately common in older adults, and dementia increases this risk. Osteoporosis often develops as people age and so bones are less likely to remain intact in a fall. Falls are the cause of 95% of hip fractures, and 70% of those hip fractures occur in women.

The Dangers of Undiagnosed Dementia: A Doctor’s Story Told by his doctor to take a sabbatical and "follow. a sinister owl called Sweet James, who exerts a dangerous power over the glamorous Bevan. Both a moving coming of age story and a brilliantly. "Quite a few people are employed at the end of the day on this whole process.

Story at-a-glance Some 22 million Americans suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea, characterized by loud snoring, snorts and choking sounds that result from breath interruptions while you are sleeping An estimated 80 percent of moderate to severe sleep apnea cases go undiagnosed, putting you at risk for serious health issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease and.