Voters trust the Democrats to handle health care and immigration

Now, Democrats are looking to health care to help them take the White House in 2020. All the Democratic candidates are looking to expand government-sponsored coverage. The survey shows that Americans are generally in sync with the idea of government taking a leading role.

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Americans want Democrats to tackle health care if they retake power. Asked of likely voters: "If there’s a Democratic president and the Democratic Party Looking just at self-identified Democrats, the numbers are strikingly similar, with answers more concentrated around health care and guns

They also would reverse some austerity measures in health care. Social Democrats for striking a deal that compromised their self-declared tough immigration stance. They had promised “a strict.

California Democrats want $1B to fund health care for immigrants Voters List Economy, Health Care, Spending As Top Issues. Democrats remain their first choice, however, on issues like health care, education and the environment. Democrats hold the trust advantage on seven issues – energy, immigration, government ethics and corruption, health care.

Health care is a top issue for voters. They trust Democrats more than Republicans to better handle health care issues. Washington Post’s Health 202: "Republicans aren’t talking about health care this year on the campaign trail, fearful their past attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare will now.

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Democrats continue to have winning messages on health care and the economy, but right now voters are not hearing them. That must change. The most important and effective messages on Trump’s economic policies for Democrats to focus on reinforce with voters the fact that Trump’s economic.

Even on health care, Republicans are favored, albeit slightly: 45% of all voters trust Republicans to handle health care and 41% of voters trust Democrats. The problem for Democrats is more their weakness than Republicans’ strength. "There is enormous frustration. for Congress in general.

Voters List Economy, Health Care, Spending As Top Issues. 54% Expect Health Care Costs To Rise Under Obamacare. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters trust Republicans more to handle issues related to health care, but just as many (42.

“We only care if she’s whipping her caucus and she’s not doing that,” the official said. For months, congressional Republicans have asked Democrats to trust them on immigration. Vote to keep the.

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